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after whining about how terrible tinierme is right now(i dun mean the site itself but the users RUDE, despicable greedy users |some of em are| so i went to quit. haha. i didn't notice i was too addicted that i forgot that i had a life :) bad for me nuh?

AS the header suggests...guess what i found? see BLEACH EPISODE 286. |spoilers alert| in the last part of the episode i saw something NOT included in the manga. it's like this:

*ichigo about to leave for karakura town and face Aizen. Rukia calls his name.
Rukia: Ichigo!
*ichigo faces her and said, "I'll be back." NOW TELL ME! aren't they acting like husband and wife(?) i dunno about you but i hear a man assuring his wife that he'll be back later in the evening for dinner and---(ohhh. naughty) harhar! betcha orihime can't get him to say that to her. sorry guys i just got to let that out.

college has been tough. i feel dub actually and frustrated for feeling that way. i think i have the orihime syndrome(the i am useless feeling). everyone around me are so smart. i don't know what kind of brain they have. ow well. not everyone has to be as smart as them right? like i want to be better.

it's been a while since i submitted an art. i have 2 in my sketch pad, my sister's sketch pad that i stole :) sorry sis. i am not in the mood to scan it. i want to learn some coloring too. i need to get used to coloring. gwad! i am so behind. everyone's been digital.hmfff...poor traditionals TT^TT.

OW! see anything new? i have a new diary skin! gwad so cute! <<< due to financial deficiencies i am not able to show it. TOO BAD!

i ran out of things to say! what could i do?! AH! i remember! maybe i'll get powered up later when Kubo gets Rukia to appear in the latest chapter. wahaha! everyone looks so mature. i say, orihime never looked so irresistible. ishida looks like szayel too bad. his father looks bettar! ROAR!

so now what? see the crimson spirit threads? <<<<< there. i am sad to inform that by mistake a had it hidden with another work and it had smudged ink on the art. awts. 'twas my favorite. actually my grandma saw it and she was like,"is this what you learn in school?!" yeah. i was in the verge of getting kicked. my fault anyway. shouldn't let her see that side of me.

notice anything new? YES!!! for real for real! i am speaking in english. and this my friends is CARABAO english! and english full of delectable run-ons, slang and grammatical horrors!

nyeah...i am too tired. it's already 2:00 AM in here. i am the only one awake in here. wahahah~gotta get power sleep ♥
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December 17, 2010


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